If you are looking for information on Riyad Bank branches, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find a detailed list of Riyad Bank locations across various cities in Saudi Arabia., including the city, branch name, address, and branch code:

Why Choose Riyad Bank?

Riyad Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of banking services to individuals and businesses. With numerous branches spread across the country, Riyad Bank provides convenient access to financial services wherever you are.

List of Riyad Bank Branches

Here is a detailed list of Riyad Bank branches across Saudi Arabia:

Northern Region Branches:

CityBranch NameAddressBranch Code
HailHail MainIbn Khaldun St.613
HailHail IndustrialIndustrial area – King Abdulaziz Road614
HailBarzain HailGhattat St. - Barzain Market610
HailAl BohairahKing Saud Road622
ArarArarKing Abdulaziz Road402
Al-JawfSakakaKing Abdulaziz Road408
TabukTabuk MainAl Amir Fahd Ibn Sultan Road409
TabukAl-MahrajanJeddah St.410
TuraifTuraifPrince Abdullah Bin Musaad411
TabukKing Abdulaziz Military CityKing Abdulaziz Military City416
TabukAl-MoroojAbi Bakr As Siddiq St.421
HaqlHaqlKing Abdulaziz Road406
QurrayatQurrayatOmar Ibn Al Khattab Road407
Dowmat Al-JaundalDowmat Al-JaundalKing Abdulaziz Road403
DubaDubaTabuk Road404
UmlujUmlujKing Abdulaziz St.413

Southern Region Branches

CityBranch NameAddressCode
Al-SulayyilAl-SulayyilKing Abdulaziz Road517
AbhaAbhaImmam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Road500
JazanJazanPrince Mohammad Bin Nasser Road504
Al-BahaAl-BahaKing Fahd Road514
BaljurshiBaljurshiKing Saud Road515
Al NamasAl NamasKing Faisal Road523
Muhayil AsirMuhayil AsirKing Abdulaziz Road525
NajranAl-FaisaliahKing Abdulaziz Road511
BishaBishaAssir St.503

Western Region Branches

CityBranch NameAddressCode
JeddahAl SharafeydaAl-Madinah Al Tal’e Road102
MedinaMedinaKing Abdullah Road105
MakkahMakkahAl Masjied Al Haram Road - Aziziah St.104
YanbuYanbuKing AbdulAziz Road111
MedinaQubaQuba Al Nazil Road115
Al-TaifShubraShubra St.124
RabighRabighMain Street128
MakkahAl RasaifahAl Rasaifah St.187
YanbuYanbu IndustrialKing Fahad St.123

Eastern Region Branches

CityBranch NameAddressCode
Al-AhssaAl MubarrazPrince Abdullah Ibn Jalawi St.305
Al KhafjiAl KhafjiKing Abdullah St.310
Al JubaylAl Jubayl IndustryKing Abdullah Road323
DammamDammam Main BranchKing Saud St.302
Al KhobarAl KhobarKing Fahad St.301
Ras TanuraRas TanuraKing Faisal St.307
BuqayqBuqayqCorner of 36th and Hofuf St.309
Qaryat Al UlyaQaryat Al UlyaPrince Mohammed Bin Fahd St.328
Al NuariyaAl NuariyaKing Abdulaziz Road357
Al QateefAl QodosAl Qodos St.345
Al HofufAl HofufAli Ibn Abi Talib St.304
Hafar Al BatinAl KhalidiyahKing Abdulaziz Road621
Hafar Al BatinHafar Al BatinKing Abdulaziz Road612

Central Region Branches

QassimAl JabriaAl Rayan main Street - Zamil Abdullah Al Suleim St.616
QassimUnayzahKing Abdulaziz Road617
QassimRiyadh Al KhabraKing Abdulaziz Road618
QassimAl Safra - BuraydahKing Abdulaziz Road608
QassimAl MithnabKing Abdulaziz Road603
QassimAl BukayriyahKing Abdulaziz Road620
QassimAl RassKing Abdulaziz Road607
QassimAl JardahKing Faisal Road602
QassimAl ZulfiKing Fahd Road619
QassimAl Rayyan - BuraydahAl Nahdh Road624
QassimAl GhatKing Abdulaziz Road601
ShaqraShaqraKing Saud St. - Public St.206
Al QuwayiyahAl QuwayiyahKing Abdulaziz Road217
Al MuzahimiyahAl MuzahimiyahKing Abdulaziz Road221
Al DuwadimiAl DuwadimiKing Abdulaziz Road605
Al MajmaahAl MajmaahKing Fahd Road606
Al DilamAl DilamKing Fahd Rd - Public St.291
Al AfiajAl AfiajKing Abdulaziz Road215
Al KhariAl KhariKing Faisal Road205
RiyadhAl ShifaDirab Road228
RiyadhQurtubahDammam Road267
RiyadhAl SulimaniyahPrince Mamduh Bin Abdulaziz St.207
RiyadhAl HamraImam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Road214
RiyadhAl WahahOthman Ibn Affan Road259
RiyadhAl MaseefAbi Bakr As Siddiq Road258
RiyadhAl RawdahAl Hasan Ibn Ali St.223
RiyadhAl WurudKing Abdullah Road234
RiyadhAl NuzhahAl Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Road235
RiyadhAl RayyanUnayzah St.236
RiyadhAl TakhassosiAl Takhassosi Road212
Riyadh1st Industrial CityOmar Almukhtar St. - 1st Industrial City204
RiyadhWestern Ring RdWestern Ring Road261
RiyadhAl RabwahOmar Ibn Abdulaziz Road265
RiyadhAl NaseemSaad Ibn Adi Waqas St.299
RiyadhAl KhazzanAl Imam Faisal Ibn Turki Ibn Abdullah St.229
RiyadhAl MarwahAl Khalil Ibn Ahmad St.257
RiyadhAl Badi'ahAsh Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz St.268
RiyadhAl RabiKing Abdulaziz Road260
RiyadhAl OlayaOlaya St.209
RiyadhLabanAl Shefa Road210
RiyadhAl SuwaidiAl Swaidi Al Am St.216
RiyadhAl RawabiPrince Saad Ibn Abdulrahman Al Awal Road230
RiyadhIrqahPrince Mashal Ibn Abdulaziz St.232
RiyadhAl Nasim Al SharqiHassan Ibn Thabet St.238
RiyadhAl RaedKing Abdullah Road241
RiyadhAl MohammadiyyahKing Fahd Road242
RiyadhAl IhsaAl Ihsa St.297
RiyadhAl QudsKing Abdullah Road239

Additional Services

Riyad Bank also offers various services, including online banking, loans, and credit cards. Visit your nearest Riyad Bank branch for personalized service and financial solutions tailored to your needs.

Contact Us

For more information or assistance, please contact Riyad Bank customer service or visit your nearest branch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Riyad Bank Branches

1. Where can I find a list of all Riyad Bank branches in Saudi Arabia?

You can find a comprehensive list of all Riyad Bank branches in Saudi Arabia on our website. The list includes branch names, addresses, and branch codes for easy reference.

2. What are the operating hours for Riyad Bank branches?

Riyad Bank branches typically operate from Sunday to Thursday. Specific hours may vary by branch, so it’s best to contact your local branch or visit the Riyad Bank website for precise information.

3. How can I contact Riyad Bank customer service?

You can contact Riyad Bank customer service by calling their hotline or visiting your nearest branch. Contact details are available on the Riyad Bank website.

4. Does Riyad Bank offer online banking services?

Yes, Riyad Bank offers online banking services, allowing you to manage your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and more from the comfort of your home.

5. How can I find the nearest Riyad Bank branch?

You can use the branch locator on the Riyad Bank website to find the nearest branch. Enter your location, and it will provide you with the closest branches and their contact details.

6. What documents do I need to open an account at Riyad Bank?

To open an account at Riyad Bank, you typically need to provide identification, proof of address, and other documents depending on the type of account you wish to open. Visit the nearest branch or check the Riyad Bank website for detailed requirements.

7. Can I apply for a loan at any Riyad Bank branch?

Yes, you can apply for a loan at any Riyad Bank branch. It’s advisable to bring the necessary documentation and discuss your requirements with the bank representative.

8. Are there any Riyad Bank branches that offer drive-thru services?

Some Riyad Bank branches may offer drive-thru services. Check the Riyad Bank website or contact customer service for information on specific branch services.

9. How do I report a lost or stolen Riyad Bank card?

If you lose your Riyad Bank card or it is stolen, contact Riyad Bank customer service immediately to report the incident and have the card blocked. You can also visit your nearest branch for assistance.

10. Does Riyad Bank offer business banking services?

Yes, Riyad Bank offers a range of business banking services, including business accounts, loans, and financial advisory. Visit your nearest branch to discuss your business needs with a representative.

11. How can I update my personal information with Riyad Bank?

To update your personal information, visit your nearest Riyad Bank branch with the required documentation. You can also update some details through the online banking portal.

12. What should I do if I have a complaint about Riyad Bank services?

If you have a complaint, you can contact Riyad Bank customer service or visit your nearest branch to speak with a manager. Riyad Bank is committed to resolving customer issues promptly and efficiently.