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The Museum of World Cultures Reaches Major Milestone in King Salman Park

Riyadh’s King Salman Park, one of the largest urban parks globally, is celebrating a significant achievement today. The Museum of World Cultures, part of the Royal Arts Complex within the park, has completed the installation of the last piece of metal in its structure.

This milestone showcases the incredible speed and dedication of the construction team, who have been working tirelessly around the clock. The project is a testament to the vision and drive behind this monumental cultural endeavor.

Highlights of the Museum and the Royal Arts Complex:

  • Architectural Marvel: Designed by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, the museum stretches an impressive 110 meters in length.
  • Extensive Area: The Royal Arts Complex spans over 500,000 square meters in Riyadh, embodying a harmonious blend of modern design and local culture.
  • Progress: Since construction began in August 2022, 48% of the work on the Royal Arts Complex has been completed.
  • Cultural Integration: The complex integrates the distinctive Salman style, promoting an authentic cultural reflection that resonates with the local spirit.
  • Record Construction: The project has utilized record quantities of building materials, demonstrating the scale and ambition of the endeavor.
  • Green Heart of Riyadh: King Salman Park is designed to be the green heart of Riyadh, emphasizing human-centric design. It combines elements of health, nature, movement, and urban entertainment, creating a vibrant and sustainable environment.

This achievement marks a significant step forward for King Salman Park, reinforcing its status as a centerpiece of urban and cultural development in Riyadh. The park continues to grow as a symbol of innovation and community, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

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