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Decoding Saudi Arabia COP28 Summits

The COP28 summit, held in the UAE, is an annual meeting where countries that are parties to
the UNFCCC come together to discuss and negotiate global efforts to address climate
change. The summit’s agenda is to assess efforts to deal with climate change.
negotiate and adopt new agreements, and set future targets for emissions reduction.
and adaptation to climate impacts

A brief history of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in climate summits:

Saudi Arabia has been actively involved in international climate summits and negotiations. Here
is a brief history of Saudi Arabia’s involvement. Before the 1990s, Saudi Arabia, like many other
countries, was not actively engaged in international climate negotiations. Climate change was
not a significant focus in global discussions at that time. 1992: Rio Earth Summit (COP1)

Saudi Arabia’s Environmental Challenges:

Water scarcity, desertification, air pollution, climate change, and extreme weather events
Biodiversity Loss, Waste Management, Energy Consumption, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Red Sea and Persian Gulf Pollution, Urbanization, and Land Use Changes

COP28 Commitments by Saudi Arabia:

Countries typically announce their commitments and contributions during or around the time of
the UNFCCCCOP28 meetings, outlining specific actions, targets, and policies related to climate
change mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable development.

Renewable Energy Initiatives:

A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s COP28 commitments is a significant expansion of
renewable energy capacity. The nation targets diversifying its energy into solar, wind, and
other renewable source, decreasing dependence on traditional fossil fuels.

Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

Saudi Arabia has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by a specific target year. The
The COP28 summit commitment involves many approaches, including the reduction of greenhouse
gas emissions and the application of innovative technologies to offset any remaining emissions.


Overall, Saudi Arabia is trying to take positive steps toward climate change. They continue efforts to
diversify their economy’s oil dependency to tourism, manufacturing, and service sectors.
under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

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