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Delhi Policeman Suspended for Disrupting Prayers

A Delhi police officer has been suspended after a video emerged showing him confronting and kicking a group of Muslim men who were offering Friday prayers (namaz) on a road in the Inderlok area. The video sparked outrage online, with many condemning the officer’s disrespectful behavior.

The footage shows the officer approaching the men as they kneel in prayer. He can be seen kicking and interrupting their prayers. This act has been widely criticized as a violation of religious freedom and proper police conduct.

Responding swiftly to the public outcry, the Delhi Police Department took immediate action. The officer in question has been suspended, and an investigation is underway to determine the full details of the incident.

This incident has highlighted the importance of respecting religious practices and ensuring fair treatment for all citizens. The outcome of the investigation will be closely watched by the public.

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