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Dragon Ball Z Park is Coming to Saudi Arabia!

Get ready to power up! Saudi Arabia is building the world’s first theme park based on the famous anime series Dragon Ball Z. This giant park will be part of a huge new project called Qiddiya, located near the capital, Riyadh.

The park will be massive—over 5 million square feet! It will feature seven areas inspired by Dragon Ball Z, with rides, shows, and restaurants all themed after the show. There will even be a super tall roller coaster named after Shenron, the wish-granting dragon!

This isn’t the only exciting news. Saudi Arabia is investing a lot of money in video games and anime. They’re working with a Japanese company to create new anime movies, and they even own a big chunk of Nintendo!

The whole Qiddiya project is huge—it’s like building a whole new city in the desert! It will have theme parks, water parks, golf courses, and lots more. They hope millions of people will visit Saudi Arabia every year, making it a top tourist destination.

This is all part of a plan called Vision 2030. The goal is to make Saudi Arabia less reliant on oil and more focused on tourism and other fun activities. It looks like things are about to get exciting in Saudi Arabia!

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