You are currently viewing Top Secret!🤫 The Easiest Way to Get a Saudi Visit Visa from India 2024

Top Secret!🤫 The Easiest Way to Get a Saudi Visit Visa from India 2024

Saudi Arabia is changing a lot, and tourism is a big part of their plan for the future, called Vision 2030. They want to show off their hidden riches and welcome visitors. Good news for people from India! It’s now easier than before to get a visit visa for Saudi Arabia, so you can explore old wonders, lively cities, and beautiful landscapes.

Saudi Arabia has a lot for Indian travelers to explore, like experiencing different cultures, visiting historical places, enjoying the beauty of nature, and trying out adventurous activities. Given its reputation for deserts and religious sites, there’s much more to discover in Saudi Arabia.

Indian travelers have various visa options to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism, business, Umrah, personal visits, transit, and more, each designed for their specific reasons. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to get a Saudi Visit Visa from India in 2024, making it easier and more accessible than before.

1. Eligibility for Saudi Visit Visa from Indian Citizens

1. Eligibility for Saudi Visit Visa from Indian Citizens

Do you have the key to exploring the amazing places in Saudi Arabia? If you hold an Indian passport, you can get a visit visa as long as your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned departure date. Keep in mind that there are specific requirements based on your age.

  • Minors: Under 18s need permission from a parent or guardian to travel, and they should be accompanied by authorized individuals if not traveling with their parent or guardian.
  • Senior Citizens: Those above 60 might need additional medical insurance as per the chosen travel insurance providers’ policies.

2. Application Process: Navigating the Path to Your Saudi Visa

2. Application Process: Navigating the Path to Your Saudi Visa

Getting a Saudi visit visa from India is easier now with two main choices.


  • Eligibility: This website helps Indian citizens qualify for tourist, business, and transit visas if they meet certain conditions (find the latest details from official sources).
  • Easy process: Just complete the online form, submit required documents (passport scan, photos, flight details), and pay the visa fee online.
  • Quick service: Get your visa processed quickly, usually within 72 hours. You’ll receive your approved visa electronically.


  • Regular Option: This choice is for all visa types, even if they’re not part of the eVisa system or if you can’t use it.
  • Visit in Person: Go to the closest Saudi embassy or consulate in India. Give them your application, documents, and visa fee directly.
  • Different Timings: The time it takes to process your visa can change based on the type of visa and how busy they are. Ask the embassy for the most accurate estimates.

3. Required Documents: Understanding the Important Papers for Your Visa to Saudi Arabia.

3. Required Documents: Understanding the Important Papers for Your Visa to Saudi Arabia.
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Before you start your journey to Saudi Arabia, make sure you have all the required documents ready. Keep in mind that the needed papers can be different based on the type of visa and how you apply (online or at the embassy or consulate). Here’s a basic list to help you begin:

  • Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned departure from Saudi Arabia. Check if you have enough blank pages in your passport.
  • Visa Application Form: Fill out and sign the visa application form either online for eVisa or on paper for the embassy or consulate.
  • Passport-Sized Photographs: Provide recent passport-sized photos that meet the required size and format (check official sources for details).
  • Proof of Travel Arrangements: Show proof of your travel arrangements, including confirmed flight bookings and details of where you’ll stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Proof of Financial Stability: Demonstrate your financial stability with bank statements or employment documents that prove you have enough money for your stay.
  • Visa Fee Payment Confirmation: Confirm that you’ve paid the visa fee by providing a receipt or confirmation of payment.

4. Fees and Processing Time: Understanding How Much Your Visa for Saudi Arabia Will Cost and How Long It Will Take

4. Fees and Processing Time: Understanding How Much Your Visa for Saudi Arabia Will Cost and How Long It Will Take
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Before you apply for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia, it’s important to know the fees and how long it takes to process. This will help you plan and budget smoothly. Here’s a simple guide:

Visa Fees:

  • eVisa: The cost of the visa depends on the type and how long you want it. Right now, a tourist visa for Indians, which allows one entry, is SAR 300 (about INR 6650).
  • Embassy/Consulate: The costs of visas depend on the type of visa and your nationality. To find out the current fees, ask the embassy. Also, there may be extra charges based on how you submit your application.

Processing Time:

  • eVisa: Get your application processed quickly, usually within 72 hours. But keep in mind that during busy times, there might be some delays.
  • Embassy/Consulate: How long it takes to process your visa can change a lot based on the type of visa, how many applications they have, and your personal situation. Usually, it takes around 7–15 business days, but there might be delays, so be ready for that.

5. Recent Updates in the Saudi Visit Visa Process for Indian Citizens (as of February 2, 2024):

Getting a Saudi visit visa for Indians has become quicker and simpler lately, thanks to some good changes in the process.

1. Enhanced eVisa System:

Expanded Eligibility:

Now, more people with Indian passports can use the eVisa system. This includes those who want business or transit visas, in addition to the tourist visa option that was already available.

Simplified Application Process:

The form you fill out online has been made better, so it’s easier to use and understand.

Faster Processing:

Usually, eVisa requests are dealt with in 3 days, making the wait much shorter.

2. Streamlined Embassy/Consulate Applications:

Appointment Systems:

A lot of embassies and consulates now let you book appointments online. This helps to make waiting times shorter and reduce long lines.

Clearer Requirements:

The websites for applying for visas have been improved to provide clearer and easier-to-understand information about the documents and steps you need.

Improved Communication:

Embassies and consulates are sharing information and answering common questions on their websites and social media pages.

3. Increased Visa Validity:

Tourist visas now let you stay for up to 90 days, giving you more time for your trips and making them more flexible. You can easily get a visa that allows you to visit Saudi Arabia many times if you want to explore the country on different occasions.

4. Relaxed Visa-on-Arrival:

People from certain countries, including some with Indian passports, can get visas when they arrive at certain Saudi airports, as long as they meet certain requirements. This makes it easier for travelers and avoids the need to apply for a visa in advance.

5. Additional Tips for a Smooth Saudi Visit Visa Application:

In addition to the must-haves, here are some useful tips to make sure applying for a Saudi visit visa goes smoothly:

Preparation is key.

  • Research extensively: Make sure you know exactly what kind of visa you need, what it requires, and how long it takes to process.
  • Gather documents early. Make sure to gather all the needed papers ahead of time and check if they are in the right format and still valid. Don’t leave it for the last moment.
  • Double-check everything: Carefully check your application form, papers, and payment information before you send them.

Staying Organized:

  • Create a checklist: Make a list of all the papers you need and keep track of when they’re done, so you don’t have to rush at the last minute.
  • Scan and save electronically: Keep electronic copies of important papers to easily find and organize them.
  • Print clear copies: Make sure all papers you print are easy to read, clear, and on white paper.

Utilizing Resources:

  • Official channels: Trust the Saudi Embassy, consulate websites, or the eVisa portal for the right information.
  • Travel agents: Think about getting help from travel experts who know how things work and the little details involved.
  • Online communities: Join online forums or groups about traveling to Saudi Arabia to get advice and tips from other people who have traveled there.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • Travel insurance: You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea to think about getting thorough travel insurance for extra peace of mind.
  • Dress code: When you pack and choose your clothes, remember that Saudi Arabia has a strict dress code, especially for women. Pay attention to it and dress modestly.
  • Local customs: Learn about the customs and manners of the area so you can have a good and respectful time.

Bonus Tip:

  • Download the “Tawakkalna” app: This official app facilitates many essential services in Saudi Arabia, including displaying your visa and managing health requirements.

Remember: Getting a visa doesn’t need to be hard. If you get ready and stay organized, you can go through the process easily. So, get your bags ready, be open to new cultures, and get excited to explore the beautiful landscapes and friendly people of Saudi Arabia!

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I get a visa to visit Saudi Arabia as an Indian?

If you have an Indian passport that’s still valid, you can probably apply. Look at the official information to learn the latest rules and updates.

2. Can I get a visa upon arrival?

Yes, citizens of certain nationalities (including some Indian passport holders) can get visas on arrival at designated airports, subject to specific criteria. Check the official sources for details.

3. What documents do I need for my application?

The required documents vary depending on the visa type and application method. Refer to the official website for the latest list and specific requirements.

4. How long does it take to get a visa?

eVisa processing is typically within 72 hours, while embassy/consulate applications can take 7–15 business days on average. Apply well in advance to avoid delays, especially during peak seasons.

5. How long is a Saudi visit visa valid for?

Tourist visas typically range from 30-90 days, with single or multiple entries available. Check the specific visa details for its validity period.

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