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New Skill Verification Test for Indian Job Seekers in Saudi Arabia

Indians looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia will now have to take a skill verification test. This is being done to make sure that the quality of their work is good, as reported by The Economic Times.

Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for certain jobs to take the Skill Verification Program (SVP) test, and they may expand it to other jobs too. Right now, 19 professions require this test. Some examples of these jobs are plumbers, welders, electricians, and automotive technicians.

The Skill Verification Program was introduced by Saudi Arabia in 2021. It requires people who already work there or want to work there to take both written and practical tests.

The Saudi Arabia Embassy in India has informed recruitment agencies about this skill verification test.

In March of this year, Saudi Arabia changed its rules for visit visas. Now, all residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can apply for a visit visa. Before, only people in certain professions could apply.

Under the new rules, visitors can apply for a visa that allows them to stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days and enter the country multiple times. This visa is valid for one year, except during the Haj season. There is also a single-entry visa available that allows a stay of up to 30 days, and it is valid for three months from the date it is issued. To be eligible for these visas, the applicant must have a residency ID from a GCC country that is valid for at least three months.

In May, Saudi Arabia started using e-visas instead of visa stickers for its embassies in seven countries, including India, the UAE, and the Philippines. Instead of stickers on passports, QR codes are now being used.

Overall, these changes in Saudi Arabia aim to improve the quality of work done by Indian workers and make it easier for people to visit the country.

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