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Saudi Officials Detain More Than 17,000 Unauthorized Immigrants in a Week

Saudi authorities carried out a week-long operation to address issues related to residency, work, and border security. A total of 17,376 individuals were arrested for multiple offenses, including breaking residency laws, attempting illegal border crossings, and violating labor regulations.

The list of arrests includes 10,689 for residency law violations, 3,894 for illegal border crossing attempts, and 2,793 for labor-related violations. Among those attempting illegal entry, 34% were Yemeni, 63% were Ethiopian, and 3% were of other nationalities.

Additionally, 74 people were stopped from crossing into neighboring countries, and 17 were detained for aiding violators. Authorities have sent 46,583 offenders to their respective diplomatic missions for travel documents. A total of 2,337 individuals are in the process of finalizing travel reservations, and 8,292 have been deported.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior issued a strong warning, stating that those assisting illegal entry could face up to 15 years in prison, a fine of up to SR1 million ($260,000), and the confiscation of vehicles and property. Authorities urge the public to report suspected violations through toll-free numbers. This operation emphasizes the government’s commitment to enforcing residency and border security regulations for the safety of the nation and compliance with legal protocols.

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