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Riyadh Air to Launch First Flights on June 12

A brand new airline called Riyadh Air in Saudi Arabia has announced that it will start flying for the very first time on June 12th. The airline aims to play a major role in the air travel industry and make Saudi Arabia a global hub for travel and business’ trade.

The announcement of the launch was made on Riyadh Air’s Twitter account. They invited everyone to join them on June 12th as Riyadh Air takes its inaugural flight in the skies above Riyadh.

On May 9, 2023, the airline revealed the first flight route for its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. They shared, “Don’t forget to mark your calendars! On June 12th, Riyadh Air will fly into the Saudi capital, showcasing its newly revealed indigo-colored planes. Be a part of the future as it takes flight.

The Chief Executive of Riyadh Air mentioned that the airline is currently in discussions with Boeing and Airbus regarding the potential purchase of narrow-body aircraft. The main goal is to have a diverse fleet that can serve 100 destinations by 2030. While the airline is still considering options, no final decision has been made.

Riyadh Air to Launch First Flights on June 12 with New Boeing 787

The airline is considering the Boeing 737 Max and Airbus A320 Neo as potential choices. During an interview at the 79th annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association, the Chief Executive, Tony Douglas, talked about this. He also stated that the initial order placed in March, which included 39 Boeing 787 wide-body aircraft with options for 33 more, is just the beginning. The airline plans to place more orders this year, focusing on narrow-body planes for short-haul flights.

Mr. Douglas mentioned that Riyadh Air is actively working on acquiring narrow-body planes and is in the process of finalizing the details for an official announcement.

Riyadh Air is fully owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, a significant financial institution with around $620 billion in assets under management. The fund actively supports strategic sectors that are important for the kingdom’s plans to diversify its economy.

In summary, Riyadh Air, a new airline in Saudi Arabia, will begin operating its flights on June 12. The airline aims to make Saudi Arabia a global aviation and trade hub. It is currently considering acquiring narrow-body aircraft from Boeing and Airbus to expand its fleet and serve more destinations. Riyadh Air is owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, which actively supports the country’s economic diversification plans.

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