You are currently viewing Saudi-made Lucid EV wows Riyadh Defense Show with drone and AI.

Saudi-made Lucid EV wows Riyadh Defense Show with drone and AI.

A new electric car, made in Saudi Arabia, is turning heads at the World Defense Show in Riyadh. This smart patrol vehicle, displayed by the Ministry of Interior, is set to join the country’s security fleet. Packed with AI technology, the car has six cameras that can identify wanted individuals and detect criminal behavior. It even has a drone that flies to capture images in areas with security issues, responding to incidents like shootings.

The vehicle aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative, which is aimed at reducing carbon emissions. It features an entire set of AI technologies, including a light bar with six cameras for face recognition and identifying license plates to catch traffic violators. The Ministry of Interior highlights that these innovations enhance security and contribute to overall safety on the roads.

This electric car is the first of its kind to integrate with artificial intelligence systems and was proudly showcased at the World Defense Show. Manufactured by Lucid Motors in Saudi Arabia, the company plans to produce thousands of these vehicles, supporting the nation’s commitment to clean energy and carbon neutrality.

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